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Main Line Adult Day Center

Socialization for seniors is vital. Seniors who engage in regular social interactions can have better health, less stress, and a slower rate of memory decline. Main Line Adult Day Center offers its members who require supervised daily care this interaction in a safe and secure environment.Staff at the Center are experienced in supporting members who have chronic conditions such as dementia, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, brain injury, post-stroke limitations, and developmental disability.

Care & Services

Daily Services at Main Line Adult Day Center

For Your Loved One

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Carefully planned daily exercise and activities that enhance health and happiness, including creative arts, pet therapy, music, fitness…

For You

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Revitalize, maintain your health and strength, so that your family member can continue to benefit from the care that only you can provide.

Health Services

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The Center’s knowledgeable staff is familiar with chronic diseases and provides dignified and respected care.​

A safe, interactive and supportive day-time environment for all of our ​members.


Success stories from Main Line Adult Day Center

  • "Having suffered a stroke in October 2001 I went to Bryn Mawr Rehab then to Main Line Adult Day Center in March 2002. So for 11 years at MLADC I have become somewhat independent thanks to the great staff there.  I now do much of the gardening and the garden has raised beds so that someone in a wheelchair can wheel up next to the beds and is able to plant. This is a plus for someone who is handicapped. The staff at MLADC is knowledgeable, courteous and always eager to help. I have been there for 11 years and I highly recommend MLADC to anyone in need of their services."

  • "We choose MLADC for several reasons. The primary one was the look and feel of the facility. Our first impression was that of a clean, cheerful and home-like atmosphere.  One feels like you are entering a friend's home, which has had a calming effect on my mom when leaving her there on the days she attends MLADC. The second is how friendly and caring the staff is. The staff is always upbeat and truly takes an interest in their members. The staff makes you feel that your family member is in good hands and we truly believe that is the case at MLADC!"

  • "He needed to be in a different environment, an environment that understood his problems and provided the necessary stimulation. Since starting at the MLADC he has been able to carry on a sensible conversation with me and with others at times. He was not able to do this earlier. He is more at ease in social situations. He is able to care for himself with little help, in spite of mild dementia. He is happy and I am a better caregiver. My patience has improved! Three days a week he attends MLADC from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. and we are all grateful for this program."

  • "The MLADC has been a blessing for my mother! She has dementia and it has progressed over the years along with depression and anxiety. I’m so glad to find MLADC! Going here on a daily basis creates a safe atmosphere. I don’t have to worry about her being alone during the day and not being busy or even not eating. She was becoming very withdrawn until we found the center. The center offers many wonderful games, exercise, meals, and activities that keep her stimulated and have her make friends. I believe it is keeping her mind at ease and active enough that she is happy to go there."

  • "My 85 year old wife is suffering from Alzheimer's disease. When we spend seemingly endless hours together we run out of things to do, and at age 88 I find it difficult to keep her occupied. She gets bored and restless, and starts 'taking apart' the food in the refrigerator, the food in the pantry, the dishes, the silverware - making a mess of our home. Now that she is in the adult day care center she stays out of trouble, and is actually in a good mood when I pick her up late in the afternoon. It has significantly improved the quality of life for both my wife and for me."

  • "My husband attends the Main Line Adult Day Care Center in Bryn Mawr, Pa. several days a week.  He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s/Dementia back in 2007 and has reached the point where I knew he cannot be left alone. The MLADC has been a God send to me knowing that he is being well cared for while I am at work. Having the center to go to also provides him with an opportunity to get out of the house while getting both mental and social stimulation."

Our Mission

Main Line Adult Day Center provides a safe, interactive and supportive day-time environment where our ​members can have a meaningful day

Main Line Adult Day Center: Adult Day Services for Bryn Mawr, Philadelphia, Delaware County and Montgomery County, PA

Main Line Adult Day Center provides a multitude of service offerings for adults in Bryn Mawr, Delaware County, Montgomery County, and the greater Philadelphia, PA area. Our services benefit seniors with mobility and memory issues as well as those who simply benefit from daytime socialization and activities. We also offer many adult health care service offerings as well.

Adult Day Center Benefits: Seniors Benefit from Socialization

Daytime physical and social activities can benefit people in a big way. Adult day services can meet those needs for seniors who live alone or who lived with loved ones that cannot provide a consistent level of social interaction and physical activities. Main Line Adult Day Center offers a combination of structured programming which is fun and engages our members with their peers.

At Main Line Adult Day Center, socialization and physical activities are a big part of our day. Senior day care centers offer adult therapeutic activities, too, that can benefit someone recovering from an injury as well as activities that boost memory function as well.

PA Dementia Day Care Services

Main Line Adult Day Center helps many individuals with dementia or memory care needs. Supervision, social activities can improve the amount of good days when an individual has dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. This is also advantageous for loved ones who need peace of mind that their loved one is in a safe and enriching environment while they are at work.

Staff at the Center are experienced in supporting members who have chronic conditions such as dementia, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, brain injury, post-stroke limitations, and developmental disability.

In addition to daytime social activities, our extensive adult health services offerings include adult nursing services, and access to dental services, physical fitness, occupational therapy, adult speech therapy, and more.

We are here to help with adult nutrition, elderly medication services and other adult medical service areas such as podiatry. We have on site adult showers, and hair care services, as well.