Vitamins and Minerals For Those Over 50

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Nutrition Tips for the Over 50s

As we get older, our body’s ability to absorb all the important vitamins and minerals we need to stay fit and healthy begins to decline. This is particularly the case for over 50s, and especially the over 65s. So, what can be done to ensure that the right amount of vitamins and minerals are being absorbed, and what should we do if we suspect vitamin deficiencies are having an effect on our health? Here at Main Line Adult Day Care, we’ve got some useful information to help you keep healthy when it comes to the correct amount of vitamins and minerals!

Food vs. supplements

Our bodies are designed to extract all the nutrients we need from a well-balanced, healthy diet, and this is recognized as the best way to get vitamins and minerals into your body. However, if your body is unable to efficiently extract this nutrition, supplements may be the answer. Always consult your doctor before starting a routine of supplements as medication, health conditions and other factors may be affected by the increased intake of certain vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, there is also the possibility that taking too much of one vitamin may inhibit your body’s ability to take in another, exacerbating the issue. So, remember to always consult your doctor or a health professional! 

Get yourself tested regularly

Like most health issues in life, regular testing for vitamin and mineral deficiency is an important way to ensure you remain healthy and strong into your old age. By doing this, any potential damage caused by a lack of vitamins and minerals can be minimized, ensuring you stay healthy and well for longer!

Cut down on those overindulgences

Overindulging on food low in nutrition, alcohol, and tobacco all affects how well the body absorbs vitamins and minerals. Cutting down or stopping these habits altogether is likely to really help your body maintain its ability to absorb everything you need from your diet for longer. 

Ensuring you get enough vitamins and minerals is a very important part of staying healthy as you grow into your senior years. It’s also something that many people don’t really consider until it’s too late. Try following these simple steps mentioned above to ensure you stay in optimum health!

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