Who is The Ideal Candidate for an Adult Day Center?

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Adult day care offers an alternative for people who are not yet ready for life in a full-time care home but still need adult day care programs that offer services during the day such as structured activities, medical and healthcare support, and general lifestyle support. So, what are the benefits of adult day care? And who makes the ideal candidate for its services? Here at Main Line Adult Day Care, we’re going to give you a quick run-down of what makes adult day care a great option!

The battle against social isolation and depression

Many seniors who live independently at home, with family caregivers, or have home visiting professional caregivers, find that they experience a sense of social isolation. This is not necessarily just because they’re at home alone, but because there is often no one of a similar age and who has similar interests to relate to. From social isolation, it’s a slippery slope to depression, which is a major condition that affects the elderly community and is growing at an alarming rate in the USA! Just visiting an adult day care center two or three times a week can relieve feelings of isolation, stopping the risk of depression developing and increasing life satisfaction considerably in the process!

Help with everyday tasks

Living alone in your senior years can be hard work, especially when you’re expected to cook, clean, wash and do everything else that needs to be done to maintain a quality life! Due to the physical hardship of preparing good quality meals, for example, elderly people often opt for simple, processed instant meals that are low in good nutrition and high in salt, fat and processed sugar. The staff at adult day care centers work with your doctor to provide a meal that is nutritionally balanced, and even customized to your needs to ensure health and quality of life are maximized and no one misses out on important meals!

Respite for caregivers

While the main priority for staff at adult day care centers is, of course, their patients, it’s also important to think of the wellbeing of those who care for them at home. Caregiving is draining, both physically and emotionally, and after prolonged periods without significant rest, this tiredness can affect their ability to adequately care for their dependent family member or patient. Just a few visits to the adult day care center for their dependent family member or patient would free up enough time to get the chores done, and most importantly, to have some quality free time in order to recuperate. This, of course, will only have positive benefits on the quality of care for the dependent family member or patient and will make caring for them much more manageable.

The benefits of adult day care mean it is ideal for people from all walks of life and life situations. Whether you or your loved one live with family, independently at home, or in a care facility, adult day care offers an alternative space that banishes the risk of social isolation and depression, keeping the mind healthy and stimulated. It also allows those who need a little help with life’s everyday tasks to ensure they’re being supported properly. Furthermore, through giving the caregiver some well-deserved rest, adult day care improves the quality of care outside of the care facility as the caregiver will be well-rested and ready to go! At Main Line Adult Day Care, we offer a huge range of opportunities to get involved with exciting activities for our guests. Just visit our website and organize a visit to take a look at the facilities and environment we can offer for yourself. We look forward to meeting you!

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