Summer activities for seniors

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The birds are chirping, the days are longer, everything is warm and in bloom — summer is here! And that means it’s time to stop hibernating in your house and start getting out and doing things. Just because you don’t have the mobility or energy that you had when you were younger does not mean that there isn’t anything for you to do this summer besides sit by the air conditioning and watch TV. we have you covered with all sorts of activities that will keep you going all summer long.

The first activity we recommend is simply getting outside and going for a walk or jog. It doesn’t matter where you are, how far or fast you go, or what you’re doing. Just get a little blood pumping and take in the green around you. Invite some friends that you want to catch up with on a walk around the block, or just take a leisurely stroll yourself and listen to some music, a podcast, or an audiobook. Just get up, take ten minutes to soak up some of the warm sun and greenery, and go back to your regularly scheduled programming. Couldn’t be easier, and it gets you excited and ready for even more activities!

Like the outdoors, but not so much for walking? Try fishing! This is a classic summer activity that’s fun for the whole family — who doesn’t want to see Uncle Ted try to hold a worm without shrieking and dropping it, or little Cindy hook her first live one? Especially if you are already talented at fishing, this can be a great bonding opportunity with the kids or grandkids to teach them the ropes.

Along the same lines, pack up some goodies and invite family and friends out for a picnic. The best kind is always potluck, served with watermelon and smiles. This could turn into a lovely, peaceful day at the park, or if there is no park nearby you can have it in your backyard. Alternately, there are few things more fun than an indoor picnic or campout when it is raining out, and that is a great activity to invite the little kids to as well. Who knew eating off the floor could be so exciting?

Check out your local listings if you are out of ideas yourself. There will usually be some free and cheap events throughout the week advertised on Facebook or your local newspaper. Facebook especially is good for joining “Free Things to Do” groups that collect free events for different communities. Check out the concert of music you don’t typically gravitate towards, or try that new restaurant’s Tuesday special. You never know what you mind end up loving.

Try gardening. This checks all the best boxes: outside, working with your hands, and edible. It’s so satisfying to watch something you raise grow into its full potential, and then get to put it on a salad. You can plant your most-used kitchen produce, a tiny herb garden in the window, or really work at raising roses. The choice is up to you.

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