Importance Of Taking Medicine

 In Adult Day Care

Aging is a natural part of life. That doesn’t mean the effects of aging are always great. As people age, their bodies begin to change. Aches and pains make what were once simple movement more difficult at best, and impossible at the worst.

Because of these and other changes, seniors might rely more on prescription and over the counter drugs to continue living a normal life. However, aging body processes medicine differently. Bodily systems generally slow down, affecting how fast drugs travel through the body and then subsequently get broken down and remove.

Considerations For Older Adults Taking Medication

In order to take all medications correctly, older adults must consider additional factors. Most of them can be attributed directly to bodily aging.

Circulatory System Slowdown. As you age, your heart goes through numerous small changes that slow down your heart rate and thus your circulatory system. This directly affects the speed at which medications travel to the live and kidney for a breakdown. Speaking of the live and kidneys…

Liver and Kidney Slowdown. The liver and kidneys are responsible for breaking down and removing drugs from the body. They both slow down as the body age, so it may take longer before your body is clear of the medication. Both this slowdown and the circulatory system slow down make for an increased risk of mixing medication, which can lead to harmful side effects.

Other bodily changes. Various other changes such as weight loss or increase in fatty tissue can affect what happens to medications as they enter and move through the body. Again, drugs generally stay in the body longer. In addition, aging can cause hearing, vision, and memory to worsen; when this happens, it’s harder to listen to and remember medication instructions, increasing the risk of improper medication administration.

Tips For Taking Medicine Correctly

Keep A Medication List. Track all medications with a detailed list, whether they be OTC, supplements, or prescriptions. Make note of their names, who prescribed them if prescription drugs, what they do, dosage amount/frequency, and if you need to get refills. Update the list immediately with any new medications.

Stick With 1 Pharmacy. With so many medications, many older adults end up juggling prescriptions from several different health professionals. This puts you more at risk for track medicines and prevent drug interactions within the body. Sticking with 1 pharmacy reduces this risk by keeping all your records in one place. You’ll also build a relationship with 1 pharmacist who can ensure all drugs are taken properly without risk of a drug interaction.

Store Medicines Safely And Correctly. Always keep your medications in their respective bottles until it’s time to take them. Store them away as safely as possible, preferably somewhere up high.

Become an Advocate For Your Health. The best way to stay healthy at any age is to be involved in your health. Read about health issues pertaining to you from authoritative sites, understand your health insurance, keep your own records, and keep regular contact with your healthcare providers. Staying on top of your own health may slightly reduce your need for medication, not to mention the increased quality of the life you’ll experience.

Your loved one is in good hands at Mainline Adult Daycare Center. We have knowledgeable health staff who can understand your loved one’s individual health circumstances and help them take all their medications correctly.

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