An App For Prompting Conversations and Sharing Memories With Seniors

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When you have a loved one with dementia, it can be difficult to help them remember the people in their life. However, it is possible to restore some memories by showing them photos or music from earlier decades when they were younger.

It’s not easy to gather familiar photos, music, or other things that can bring back those good memories, though.

Fortunately, a UK-based charity called National Museums Liverpool has developed a free app called “My House of Memories” that can help you start conversations and share memories with your loved ones.

Learn more about My House of Memories and how to use it to share memories with those in your life who are suffering from dementia.

Sharing Memories and Conversations With Seniors With Dementia

Dementia can make more recent events harder to remember. However, those who suffer from dementia may have memories from earlier in life; these can help your loved on feel more connected and include.

The problem is that many of those memories are likely before your time, so it’ll be hard to identify what pictures, movies, or music might spark those memories.

My House of Memories

This is where My House of Memories comes in. This free app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices, is designed to be simple and user friendly so seniors and their caregivers won’t struggle to navigate through it. In addition, they include audio narrations of the in-app text for those who struggle to read on small screens.

Here’s how it works:

First, you choose either the UK or US version of the app. Each has different museum objects (such as photos and music) since a senior who grew up in the UK would’ve had different experiences than a senior who grew up in the US. Pick the one that suits the seniors past.

Once you’ve done so, you can browse several categories of these objects and save them for easy access later. Categories include:

Days to Celebrate
Home Sweet Home
On the Town
Out and About
Sports and Leisure
War and Peace
Work and Play

For example, in the “Home Sweet Home” category, they might be a vintage photograph of someone using an old telephone; clicking the image might cause that distinct old-school phone sound to ring, prompting a senior to remember what it was like when they first got their own phone.

You can download these categories in order to browse them even when you’re not connected to the internet. When you find images and sounds that trigger your loved one’s memories, you can save them to an area called the “memory box” to create a collection of your seniors favorite memories.

If you have a loved one that suffers from dementia, consider downloading My House of Memories. Using this app to spark your loved one’s memories can create enjoyable conversations and make them feel more socially engaged.

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