How to Deal With Dementia Behavior Issues

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Dementia impacts millions of people each year, yet it remains quite misunderstood by many. This misunderstanding makes dementia seem like a very confusing illness, which can make it hard to know how to deal with dementia behaviors.

Now, dementia is not one specific disease. It’s actually an umbrella term for several systems related to cognitive and memory decline, and well as worsening thinking abilities. When your loved one experiences these, it can be difficult for them to complete basic daily tasks and activities.

Types of Dementia

The most common kinds of dementia include (but aren’t limited to)
Alzheimer’s disease
Huntington’s disease
Parkinson’s disease
Memory loss

Although there are these and other forms of dementia all differ, the one thing that ties them together is rapidly declining cognitive abilities. These include
Memory problems
Social skills
Emotional reactions
Rational thinking

Due to the nature and amount of the symptoms experienced, individuals afflicted by dementia can really struggle to function in a normal, healthy manner. So much so, they may feel isolated from others.

With that in mind, understanding the symptoms of dementia and the experiences of its sufferers can help you aid your loved ones afflicted with dementia to live better lives.

Dealing With Dementia Behavior Issues

The most difficult dementia behavior issues to deal with are ones that involve aggression, opposition, and violence. As dementia progresses, dealing with these issues can become even more frustrating.

Here are some things to do to make dementia behavior issues more manageable.
DO: Focus on pleasant memories and activities. You can make your loved one’s day by recalling happy memories and engaging in activities they are familiar with and enjoy.
DO: Redirect to soothe and calm. As mentioned previously, those who suffer from dementia can become anxious or upset without you being able to understand why. Use redirection to calm them down; it will make your life and there’s easier.
DO: Pay mind to what works from the above “DO’s”. Once you find out something that works, write it down somewhere so you don’t forget it. Use these strategies in future situations. Eventually, you’ll build up a small repertoire of strategies, making your experience aiding a dementia sufferer much easier.

DO NOT do the following when caring for someone with dementia in order to make your experience much easier.
DON’T: Take things to heart. Remember, people with dementia can act in ways that seem irrational to those around them, usually out of fear, anger, or paranoia. They don’t mean what they say, so don’t take anything personally.
DON’T: Attempt logic when talking to someone with dementia. Dementia sufferers’ brains don’t operate the same way as yours; feelings take precedence over logic.
DON’T: Argue/escalate argumentation. Again, dementia sufferers don’t operate in a logical headspace; in fact, arguing can drastically increase their feelings of anxiety and fear, only escalating the problem.

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