Main Line Adult Day Center Offers All the Foundational Services for Our Customers

People living with dementia require a lot of support and services that you may not be able to provide at home. We offer top of the line transitional care and rehabilitation services for those recently discharged from the hospital. Along with providing basic health and wellness services in-house, we bring in some specialists aimed at ensuring the best possible personal care to our clients. Whether your loved one needs podiatry therapy or dental services, we make sure all their needs are met.

Get the Medical Assistance You Need To Ensure Your Loved Ones Are Healthy and Comfortable

Our nursing and support staff are experienced in providing high-quality personal care and maintaining and enacting treatments recommended by physicians and other therapists. This includes medical monitoring and reassurance, but sometimes our clients have additional needs. We bring in specialists that provide occupational therapy, dental services, speech, physical and podiatry therapy. We also offer showers services and hairdressing and facilitate transportation and funding for more specialized care. We also offer support and recommendations for maintaining high-level care at home. We aim to make the transition to life with dementia as easy as possible for you and your loved ones.

Let Main Line Adult Day Center Take Care of Your Family Members Health and Wellness Needs

At Main Line Adult Day Care Center we specialize in providing expert-level care for those living with dementia. Whatever services we are unable to manage in-house, we guarantee we bring in top specialists to ensure the highest quality care. Contact the center by phone (610) 527-4220 or email us at mainlineadultdaycenter@gmail.com for more information on the services we offer and our promise to be 100% dedicated to the well-being of your family.