Daily Services at Main Line Adult Day Center

Socialization for seniors is vital. Seniors who engage in regular social interactions can have better health, less stress, and a slower rate of memory decline. Main Line Adult Day Center offers its members who require supervised daily care this interaction in a safe and secure environment. The Center serves as an emerging provider of transitional care and short-term rehabilitation following hospital discharge. Staff at the Center are experienced in supporting members who have chronic conditions such as dementia, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, brain injury, post-stroke limitations, and developmental disability.

For Your Loved One

  • ​​Increased personal safety with supervision in a protective environment;
  • ​​Qualified medical services provided by experienced nursing staff;
  • ​Opportunities to make new friends and interact socially;
  • Committed, professional staff who make health monitoring, reassurance and personal care a top priority;
  • Carefully planned daily exercise and activities that enhance health and happiness, including creative arts, pet therapy, music, physical and cognitive fitness;
  • Supplemental services offered include visits from a hairdresser, podiatrist, PT, OT and speech therapy, and dental services.

For You

  • Attend your own work, or simply complete items on your “to do” list to feel like you’re “caught up”;
  • Revitalize and maintain your own health and strength, so that your family member can continue to benefit from the care that only you can provide;
  • ​Ease the stress of having to constantly care for your loved one;
  • Have peace-of-mind knowing that your loved one is safe and engaged in interactive programming, receiving meals and medication assistance;
  • Attend free educational seminars and monthly free ​caregiver support groups.

Health Services

The Center’s knowledgeable staff is familiar with chronic diseases and provides dignified and respected care. ​We implement the health practices recommended by physicians and/or therapists, administer medications, and monitor the responses. ​Our nursing staff monitors vital signs and medical conditions and will notify you of any significant changes as well as the need for medical treatment. Additional services offered include: PT and OT, Podiatry, Hairdresser and shower services as well as access to transportation and funding services. Our staff will make suggestions for managing care at home.

Dedicated and Supportive Care for the Ones You Love Most

Living with and caring for a person with dementia can be a difficult transition for both the person experiencing it and for their loved ones, but having ongoing social interaction and adequate around the clock care has proven to slow down memory loss, increase health and lower stress. At Mainline Adult Day Center, we are committed to providing quality adult day services to the ones you love to allow you to return to your day to day life.

Enjoy Peace of Mind While We Care for Your Loved Ones at Our Dementia Day Care Facility

At mainline adult day center, we understand the stress that can come from caring for a loved one suffering from dementia. We offer dementia daycare services in an experienced and comfortable medical facility that focuses on alleviating your worry while providing exceptional care services. We offer a series of well-curated daily activities aimed to encourage health and happiness, including exercise and cognitive fitness, music, arts and pet therapy. All of our staff members and trained nurses are experienced in dealing with people with chronic conditions such as arthritis, brain injury, developmental disability, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, and dementia. We provide a comfortable space for your family members to make new friends and socialize with a variety of staff and patients.

Consider our center for dementia daycare services for your loved ones. Let us support your family member for the day so that you can take some time to recharge and be ready to provide the personalized care that only you can. Contact the center by phone (610) 527-4220 or email us at mainlineadultdaycenter@gmail.com and let our staff show you the benefits of our adult daycare services.

Life at Main Line Adult Day Center

Peace of Mind When Car​e is Needed & A Home Away from Home!

A Safe, Interactive And Supportive Day-Time Environment For All Of Our ​Members.